The Week In Ambridge

The Week In Ambridge

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I am a new listener to The Archers - my Mother started me at birth, so I have only been listening for 46 years.  Apologies if I get things wrong.


By Campbell Mitchell, Mar 19 2017 12:01PM

Lillian and Lover-Boy Justin are being post-coital, but Lillian wants to leave and head back to Home Farm. She seems to be having cold feet. “Sneaking around was part of the fun.” Justin wants her to move in. “This was inevitable from the day we met.”

Carpet is hosting the first ever mixed cricket nets – Anisha, Lilly and Molly are there. Johnny is helping, but “Will is still pretty anti.” No surprise there. After nets, at the Bull, Usha has a drink with Lilly. Lilly feels left out of the cricket banter, so Usha drags her over to join in. Usha then decides to join the cricket team herself.

Back at Home Farm, Jennifer notices that Lillian is being quiet. Lillian tells Jennifer the news. “Oh, that’s marvelous.” “I’m still in a bit of a whirl.” She is, however, very pleased to get one over on Miranda. Jennifer is happy about the easier social side of things.

David and Ruth are hosing something down. There’s a problem with the milk yield. Later, over coffee, Deep Pip wants a loan to buy more cattle for more mob grazing. David is surprised that she needs the money – where’s the profits from last year? David refuses the loan and Pip storms out. Later, Ruth tries to smooth things over and asks about the Toby gin loan. It’s not going to be repaid in time to buy cattle. This may arouse suspicions in David as to where the money has gone.

There’s trouble at Ambridge Towers, Eddie is reading Ambridge Hall reviews on line and is upset by the glowing praise for Robert and Lynda. Emmar is helping out, preparing the room, but she’s not happy about the upheaval the Air BnB guests are causing. Ed is worried about the under-sized lambs the little Grundy flock are producing.

Alice is chuffed as her office has moved very close to home – she’ll be able to walk to work. Brian is taking her to show off the new land. Alice uses the opportunity for a sales pitch. “Maybe it’s something we’ll think about in the future.”

At the café, Josh is working on his agri-eBay website, having being flung out of every room at Brookfield by an angry decaffeinated Jill (off coffee and tea, thanks to Carol) and David. He’s bought one coffee and is hogging a table for four. Back at Brookfield, Jill has fallen asleep whilst baking and ruined Ben’s birthday cake and an apple pie. She’s missing caffeine. David tries to get her interested in an Aqua-Fit class that Carol wants to try.

Justin and Lillian are having breakfast at the café. Robert is there with some Ambridge Hall guests in the middle of a bird-watching tour. Justin is planning Glynebourne and Ascot, so Lillian is pleased. “Our season is shaping up well.” The brakes are put back on Lillian’s new-found enthusiasm when Justin mentions marriage. Out on the bird tour, Robert bumps into twitching arch-rival Jim, out with guests from Ambridge Towers. The Grundys have roped Jim in to offering the same bird tour service as the Snells. There’s a fight about chiff-chaffs, which blows up to the extent that the guests leave.

Usha’s first night at nets doesn’t go well – she’s keen, but uncoordinated.

Lillian has scuttles back to Home Farm for “a while”, crying off the Dower House because of Amside work. Really, she’s freaked out about the marriage chat from Justin. She tries to talk to Jennifer, but Jennifer is thrilled. Lillian was keeping her emotional distance whilst she was a mistress, but mistress to fiancé is a bit of a leap for her. Brian is badgered by Alice again, trying to sell him some high-tech farming system. Brian demurs. At lunch, Brian lets slip about Lillian and Justin. Peggy latches on instantly – “You told me that was all over – don’t tell me you’re a liar as well as a cheat?” This destroys the much-yearned for familiar atmosphere that Jennifer always hopes for at Home Farm lunches. After lunch, Peggy meets Kirsty. Kirsty tries to return the large cheque Peggy gave her. Peggy refuses its return. “Thank you so much, Peggy.”

Ruth is worried that the cows have IBR (what’s that?). This would explain the low yield. They are coughing and there’s discharge. Yuck. Alastair is called. He takes swabs and it looks like IBR. It’s highly infectious. Have the cows come onto contact with other cattle? Maybe Pip could shed some light on that question… IBR seems to be Bovine Herpes Virus. It’s not great and they may lose some cattle. The vaccine is going to cost two grand. One of the calves dies there and then. If it comes out that Pip had let the cattle run riot…

Jim and Robert meet in the rain and sort of make up over joint scathing reviews on line. They retire to the Bull for lunch together.

Lillian meets Justin at the Bull for lunch. “Tell me what I’ve done wrong.” Lillian lets him know her marriage worries. “Do you really want to jump in to another marriage?” “Absolutely.” He gets on his knees and proposes to her there and then, the old romatic. “I…I…I just don’t know.” She flees.

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Thinking of moving, Is there a Tesco?

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