Pat is finally meeting Jack, the The Half-Dark Child, whilst his half brother Henry is with his step-father on Father’s day. Complicated. The poor child is being taken for a trip on a steam train. “It’s like a dragon,” says Henry. Just like his granny Cruella. The Evil One uses the trip to drip poison into the poor lad’s ears about Helen. After their excursion, Henry is tired. “Did you have a nice Father’s Day?” “Best one ever.” He puts Henry to bed and has a wee weep. Cruella finds him and he has a rant about not seeing ‘Gideon’, “It’s all so wrong, she can’t do this to me,” he seethes, his scaly tail lashing the floor.

    Anna is staying with her mum Carol, who is being grumpy about needing help after her fall. She goes jogging, as she can’t use any of the sporting facilities Ambridge has to offer as most of them are run by people involved in the Helen/Rob trial. “This is turning into a tricky case.”

    Rex is with the Grundy’s. Ed is off to look at sheep with Eddie. They see some fine beasts. Ed is wary about getting more animals, but Eddie is keen. Toby and Rex have a bit of a fight. Toby seems to have acquired a lot more hens to meet the huge egg deal he got them involved in. Where from?

    Everyone seems to be commenting on the huge numbers of hippies and crusties heading for Home Farm for Kate’s Summer Solstice Celebration, whist Brian and Jennifer are swanning around Venice.

    Helen is breast-feeding Jack when her Cockernee prison pal, Kaz, arrives with Jaden. She sets her straight about the hearing. “It’s not like being in court.” There’s a telephone interview about Henry’s situation. “Have you ever had any reason to be worried about Henry’s safety?” “Were there times when Rob acted strangely?” The enforced chucking away of the bunny and the plans to put Henry into boarding school are mentioned. Helen tries to explain the Dark Lord’s effect. “He gets in your head.”

    Kate calls Phoebe early in the morning, the hippies and crusties are causing havoc at Home Farm and Kate wants her to come and help with ‘crowd control’. Phoebe has an exam and flat out refuses. Roy calls Phoebe to wish her luck and Phoebe moans on about the hippies and Kate.

    Joe is attempting to make a mess of Grange Farm before the estate agents come round for a valuation. Joe does his best to put them off, including pointing out the damp stains (caused by him) and the kitchen crack (caused by the party)

    Kate is exhausted, clearing up after the hippies, most of whom are still in residence camping in the yurt field. Phoebe is upset as she doesn’t even ask about her exam and packs to leave. “I can’t stay there anymore – it’s a nightmare.” She pitches up at Roy’s, safe sensible Roy. “Stay here and I’ll look after you.” She is comfortably installed. “I can’t believe its so quiet here – it’s great being looked after.” Kate calls her to apologise – the hippies are all gone, but they’ve left the house in a state. “You don’t understand, I’ve got another exam – do it yourself.” She gets upset, so Roy heads over to confront Kate and gives her both barrels. She manages to talk him into helping her tidy up AND organising the catering for the launch for her holistic hippy massage business.

    Rex meets Deep Pip, who moans on about Toby’s sneaky hen behaviour. Pip invites Rex to Chris’s birthday party. Rex turns up at the party, which Toby then gate-crashes. Rex is crest-fallen when Pip makes a bee-line for one of Alice’s engineering pals. At the party, it seems to come out that the new hens that Toby has acquired seem to have come from Neil Carter’s stock without his knowledge.

    The next morning, Toby shows his egg promotional video efforts to David, who is pissed off that it was shot on Brookfield without permission and describes the video as ‘flakey’.

    “Oh, wow - those butterflies,” enthuses Alice who has been taken up to see Deep Pip’s cows. Josh is cornered by Rex, who is made to apologise with Toby to Neil for ‘borrowing’ his hens. David calls Josh, furious about the hens.

    Helen has had her hair cut by fellow inmate, Lynette. Caz describes it as ‘banging’. She also has a new linen suit for her video hearing. She thinks it might be too posh and takes styling advice from Caz. That will help.

    Finally, someone mentions the Referendum. David and Ruth discuss it whilst hosing out the milk parlour. Ruth seems almost positive about the result. Neil arrives and David sorts out the stolen hen situation. David negotiates replacement birds, paid for by Josh.

    The Pyrex Kid is having his re-scheduled visit with his grandparents. He’s late arriving because Rob ‘forgot’ to tell the school that the kid was being picked up by Tony. Henry is being grumpy, not eating his tea. “I’m not hungry – it’s all yucky.” Pat feels that Rob is turning the child against them. Do you think?


The Week In Ambridge

The Week In Ambridge

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