It’s back! I apologise for the long delay.

    The week begins with Toby being turned down by Deep Pip for a Young Farmer’s New Year’s Ball date. David arrives with news that Ruth is (finally) coming come this week. David has finally confessed to her about his broken arm.

    Lynda is still mooning over the return of Scruff. Roy is trying to get her to focus on work at Grey Gables. Apart from Scruff, Lynda is still distracted by the play. Lynda is given the news that Toby Fairbrother is bringing the rugby club to “Calendar Girls”. This puts her into final spin.

    David is still mulling over the possible loss of the Brookfield dairy herd and the implications for Pip’s future. Mathew arrives for lunch and Pip asks him to the Young Farmer’s bash.

    At the final dress rehearsal of ‘Calendar Girls’, Lynda goes into nuclear meltdown about the sloppy attitude of the cast. She says that this has been the worst rehearsal ever. After Lynda’s diatribe, Lillian feels that it went very well, apart from La Diva Jean Harvey trying to upstage everyone. Later, the Ambridge Maria Carey insists on moving the stage about to suit her. After a surprisingly successful first night, Lizzie has a little reminiscence about Nigel – it’s coming up for the fifth anniversary of his Grey Gables swan-dive. Lynda is full of praise, especially for the Great Jean. The rest of the cast and crew hate her. Fallon has plans to sabotage her act and the others come up with their own schemes.

    Come the performance, Fallon has a costume malfunction and there’s huge panic. Neil runs to the rescue with safety pins. Backstage, the mood is frantic as the knitting that Jean uses to cover her nakedness seems to have gone missing. It is found under the tea tray and Harrison takes it on stage for Jean just in time. Lillian has upset Jean by man-handling her on stage and, strangely, her body-covering knitting seems to have shrunk.

    Meanwhile at Blossom Hill Cottage, the Evil One has let Helen sleep in. The Test Tube Kid bursts in, demanding chocolate. Rob refuses. They head off to Bridge Farm and try and get a reduction of hours at the new shop – Helen and Rob want to job-share. Pat is concerned about Helen’s health and also worried about her reducing her hours. Later, Rob’s motive is revealed when he asks Tom to pay their joint wages into their joint account.

    Richard Locke is met by Lizzie whilst skating at Grey Gables with his daughter Sasha. Over hot chocolate, he praises Lizzie’s performance on “Calendar Girls”. There might be a bit of a spark there, but it’s always difficult to tell with Lizzie as she’s such a flirt.

    At Home Farm, Jennifer is worried about a business lunch with Justin. Phoebe has her driving test today. At the lunch, Justin has plans for Berrow Farm. He’s shutting it down. Goodbye Mega-dairy. Jennifer is stunned, but Brian swears her to secrecy. Phoebe has passed her test.

    The Dark Lord and Helen are having a twenty-week scan. Rob wants to call the poor kid Julian. Ouch. Later, he moans about Henry’s up-coming fifth birthday party and some fruit mis-order that Helen made for the shop. She is sounding more cowed every week.

    Shula takes David to hospital to finally get his plaster off. Deep Pip has now been asked to the Farmer’s Ball by BOTH Fairbrother brothers. She still has her sights set on hunky milk contractor Mathew.

    The Grundy’s are finding Grange Farm too quiet. Eddie wants to get hold of some pigs, without telling the Sterlings. What could possibly go wrong? “This year is going to be the Year of the Grundys.”

    Ruth finally arrives on New Year’s Eve, her delayed flight met by Deep Pip, now missing her date with Mathew. The next morning in bed, David brings her tea. “Now we can all go back to normal.” “That can’t happen, David,” intones Ruth, ominously. There is a big Archer family pow-pow in the evening. Ruth finally reveals her thoughts after her visit to the Shire. Her idea is to cut costs and make less milk. Alter the calving season, so the animals are grass-fed, cutting down on feed costs. David sounds annoyed, having altered the season recently already. She also wants to sell the herd and replace them with “the sort we want.” “I don’t know what to say, there’s a lot to take in.” David strops off. “I’ve got to check on the ewes.” Secretly, he is relieved that Ruth’s changes are all to do with the cows and she’s not ditching him. “Wherever we’re going, we’re in it together. This will be a huge year at Brookfield. What will happen when they find out about the demise of the Megadairy?


The Week In Ambridge

The Week In Ambridge

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