After the wedding, all focus is on the Single Wicket Competition. Daniel won’t be there to defend it as he’s learning how to drive a tank and Alastair will be too busy. Shula and Tom are discussing who is playing – it sounds like there will be a good turn out and Shula will be running a barbeque.

    Pheobe and Josh are laying out a treasure hunt for the Young Farmers, trying to work out the clues. Later, they bump into Deep Pip, out running. Josh is thick when it comes to the clues and ribs Pip about running – he thinks it’s to impress the hunky Fairbrother brother.

    David and Ruth are discussing the ongoing Kenton feud with Shula – David is even avoiding the Single Wicket as Kenton is MC-ing. Later, they dig out the information boards for Open Farm Sunday in a couple of weeks. And discuss grass. Wowsers.

    In the Dark Lord’s lair at the Megadairy, Charlie checks on how Rob’s investigation into the culvert blocking is getting on. Charlie wants to question all the employees. One of them has slipped through the net, because of ‘family problems’ – it’s Deep Throat Stefan and he’s back in Poland. Or is he? Has the Dark Lord done him in? The Evil One is trying to divert Charlie’s investigation – rather like he diverted the flood water, almost killing Charlie in the process.

    Jolene and Kenton are setting up the bar for the Single Wicket. They think that David’s absence is ‘pathetic’. The apple of Deep Pip’s eye, Toby the Fairbrother brother, turns up. He’s doing the Single Wicket and he’ll be playing the winner of Eddie versus Pip. Pip wins over Eddie and faces the Fairbrother brother. He wins. Then the Evil One faces Adam. It’s close…and personal. Rob wins. In the final Rob faces Toby the Fairbrother brother. It comes down to the last ball…and the Dark Lord wins. Unfortunately. There’s much revelry in the bar and Rob drinks from the trophy.

    Charlie heads to Brookfield to talk to David about the culvert. He’s not been able to talk to Stefan and can’t seem to be able to get hold of him. David can’t tell him about Deep Throat Stefan as he’s sworn to secrecy. Will the Evil One get away with this? What has he done to poor Stefan? How did he know it was Stefan who had spilled the beans? Meanwhile, the Dark Lord is having lunch with simpering Helen. He’s been invited to join the cricket team after his triumph at the Single Wicket. His dark tentacles are spreading wider…

    Shula has seen a way to build bridges between David and Kenton. She wants David, herself and Lizzie to club together and buy the Bull a new TV for the Football Cup Final as theirs has broken.

    At the Megadairy, Charlie is trying to get Stefan’s number from Rob. Rob refuses to hand it over, saying that the “home situation is too delicate”. What had he done to poor Stefan? Surely Charlie has access to employee records as well as Rob? He heads back to Helen, bitching about Charlie and his ideas about Open Farm Sunday. Rob wants Helen to present Berrow Farm’s solar energy display as Charlie won’t let him and wants some ‘local’ spotty herbert to do it.

    Tom is talking to Tony about his up-coming Med cruise. Upbeat Tony is sad about his holiday because “it’s the first time I won’t be here for the silage.” Eeyore as usual. Ed turns up, back fro his honeymoon.

    Kenton storms up to Brookfield to berate David about ‘his’ TV idea. “You can stuff it – we do not want your help.” He’s really angry. There’s a lot of shouting. Poor David.

    At the shop, Lynda is with Christine. Robert hasn’t been near his long lens since the Great Bird Competition. Tony turns up to buy sweets for his flight. “Good luck with finding Scruff,” is his parting remark. Poor Lynda.

    Daivd asks Tom to do a hog roast for Open Farm, but he’s been pre-booked by the Megadairy. Ed turns up, glowing from his honeymoon and David books him for some bailing.

    At the Flood Bar, Ed and Tom ask Kenton about the broken TV – Kenton says that the Final will be screened “come hell or high water.” What is he going to do, having turned down the sibling telly offer?

    Charlie meets Adam – there’s clearly still a frisson between them. Charlie wants Adam to help with Open Farm. Adam might be interested.

    Christine, finally, visits ruined Woodbine Cottage. She’s very stressed. “I’m not sure I’m strong enough, Shula.” It look like it’s been looted as well as flooded. “Oh, Shula, what have they done?’ Her grandmother’s wedding ring has been nicked. Was it the bunting thief? All quiet from PC Burns on that count. “I’ve been so stupid – I thought is was safe.” She is distraught. “it’s even worse than I thought it would be.”

    Spoilt Kate moans on to Adam – Phoebe has turned her down to form a team for the treasure hunt – difficult as Phoebe has written the clues. She needs some ying to balance her yang, apparently.

    Lillian makes a rare appearance. She is taking Lynda to a Dog Rescue Centre – they might have found Scruff!!! “It doesn’t bear thinking about – what he must have been through.” She’s packed the car with Scruff’s ID and vaccination records, treats, favourite toys, spare collars and leads.

    At the Bull, Kenton has taken delivery of a new fifty inch TV. He’s got it on a credit card. Jolene is upset. “We can’t keep doing this.” Kenton is convinced that they need it to bring in the crowds.

    At the Dog Rescue Centre, hopes are raised before Lynda goes in. “There’s nothing in the world I want more.” AND it’s her birthday.

    Deep Pip shows David Berrow Farm’s extravagant plans for Open Farm Sunday. They can’t compete with BL’s financial might.

    At the Dog Rescue Centre, hopes are dashed. “It was nothing like Scruff.” There’s tears. Lillian invokes Disney’s “The Incredible Journey” to try and raise Lynda’s hopes. “I have to accept Scruff in gone and he’s never coming back.” I still think the Evil One used him to help block the culvert.


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