Newly re-installed Adam is discussing his soon-to-be wedding anniversary with Jennifer. She puts the brakes on his extravagant plans, thinking that it might be a little over the top given the fragile nature of his marriage. They’re “not back to where they are.” Adam leaves just as Brian has news – he wants to buy some estate land from BL, over 300 acres. “It’s a fantastic opportunity.” It’s also going to cost 2.7 million. Jennifer isn’t convinced. He runs off to discuss it with Adam. Adam isn’t convinced, either. Brian comes away confident that he can persuade him. Jennifer drops the gossip about the Lillian/Justin affair. Brian sounds shocked. Really, Brian? Shocked by an affair? Fancy. Cunning Brain thinks that the affair might help with the land deal.

    Toby “Moonshine” Fairbrother is being nagged by Pip as his illegal still is still in residence. Pip heads off to see the cows with Ruth. Ruth is worried about Pip’s relationship with Angry David. The anti-Toby faction within the Archer clan is strengthening. Pip tries to defend her flakey boyfriend. “All I want is for you to be happy, Pip.” It ends coldly and Pip calls Toby for further nagging.

    Adam and Ian chat. Adam lays out his plans for a weekend away. Ian isn’t sure and wants to take things a little slower.

    Susan is very excited about the family photoshoot (“at Shirelles”) and flaps away to Helen about it.

    Adam and Brain walk the potential purchase land. Adam isn’t keen on the soil quality, but Brian bucks him up about how he can improve it.

    Lillian and Justin rehearse their lines for the panto. Lillian tells Justin that Tony and Jennifer know about their affair. Justin doesn’t seem too surprised or upset.

    Ian visits Helen. Helen is worried about the up-coming hearing about reducing the Evil One’s contact time with the Half-Dark Child. Helen asks Ian about Adam. “All relationships go through tough patches.” Don’t they just, Helen – at least Ian hasn’t stabbed Adam. Yet.

    Jill and Ruth discuss the Toby still issue – the hard line anti-Toby faction. “What do you think Toby does all day?” Pip turns up and Jill immediately fires into her about the still, but Pip distracts her with good news about the fattening cattle on the herbal lay. “One thing might help – leaving Toby Fairbrother.” Subtle as a brick, Jill. The fight rears up again – Pip defends and Jill attacks. Pip storms out. “Now look what you’ve done,” moans Ruth.

    Susan and Neil turn up at Shirelles – it looks closed up. She calls them and it goes straight to ansaphone. Susan is fretting – none of the rest of the family have turned up and the photographers is still closed. Neil tries to calm her down when Emmar turns up with a poorly Kiera. The photographer calls, he’s running late. They have to re-schedule for a week’s time. Susan shows Emmar her posh frock (which she is planning on returning), just as Kiera throws up all over it.

    The Evil One turns up for his visit with Jack/Gideon and Helen chats with Pat - she is excited about Cockernee Kaz getting out of prison and coming to visit her after Christmas.

    Linda’s Talent Show auditions haven’t gone well – Neville Booth has done something unspeakable with balls. Toby wows Linda with some juggling, until it goes wrong and he wallops her with his clubs. Later, in the Bull, Toby wants Eddie to store his still at Grundy’s Field, in return for a load of miseltoe from the orchard. It gets sticky later at rehearsal when Tom and Kirsty are cast as lovers. “Never forget – you two were made for each other,” breathes Linda.

    Lizzie’s Deck the Halls is going great guns. Dr. Richard is hanging about, trying to tempt her out for a mulled wine. He gets nowhere. He then suggests helping Lizzie choose a car for the twins. Lizzie again rebuffs him – a little stronger this time. Dr. Locke is becoming a pest.

    Tom gets a call from Roy – there’s a Ninties night at a club in Felbisham. They agree to go – with Jazzer in tow. Roy is nervous, Jazzer is in his element. “We’re going to have a night to remember.” They bump into Tracey Horribin, who trails round after Roy whilst Jazzer rules the dancefloor.

    Adam has taken Ian out to a matinee movie – Ian can’t get the evening off and will be missing Jennifer’s lamb tagine. They sound pretty happy together. Ian heads to work and Adam to Home Farm for dinner. The land deal dominates conversation and Jenifer tries to remain neutral until Adam is driven off home by Brian’s clear-eyed zeal.


The Week In Ambridge

The Week In Ambridge

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