Pat is hysterical – she’s missed Helen on the phone for the first time since her incarceration. Tony says that she was “quiet”, but at least she’s finally broken her silence. She has also agreed to a visit. “That’s wonderful,” enthuses Pat. They frantically book a visit on line. And – they have a visit from the Pyrex Kid today, freed from the evil clutches of Cruella and the Dark Lord. Henry turns up very pleased to see his grandparents.

    David is playing cricket in ageing whites. Captain Adam has received commiserations from the opposing team about “missing Rob.” They lose badly. And David gets bruised. Ruth distracts him from his pain by jabbering on about Open Farm Sunday.

    Kirsty is thrilled about Pat’s news of an impending Helen visit. Cruella turns up to pick up Henry, who has toddled off with Tony to see a kingfisher. Cruella is not impressed, but Henry does get to see the bird – a magical wee moment. Kirsty and Pat keep Cruella company whilst she waits for the Synthetic Child. Cruella brings up the subject of Rob’s statuary sick pay. Nice.

    Rex is out with Deep Pip at some Mayday celebration. She plies him with cider. The egg business seems to be generating interest. Josh turns up, crowing over the fact that his hen posts have gone viral. Pip and Josh continue to discuss Open Farm Sunday. Josh wants to use the day to promote the eggs. Pip isn’t convinced and the argument stops when Hunky Absent Mathew calls – it looks like he’s coming down to visit. Lynda is supervising the kids round the maypole. She corners Eddie –there’s still a problem with the shepherd’s hut chimney. Eddie suggests a weather-vane style chimney top. There’s a collection of moudly bric-a-brac on stalls and Lillian is browsing for tat to finish off the Dower House for Justin. She finds a terrible pile of junk, donated by the Horrobins, for a couple of quid. Which she later donates to Eddie. Classy.

    The mobile hen house is finished and Rex is about to move them out of the caravan when he is stopped by Josh – local TV have expressed an interest in covering the ‘hens on holiday’ internet sensation, but not for a week or so. This means that the hens have to stay in the caravan.

    Pat and Tony get news that they have an appointment to visit Helen the next day. Also, DS Truly Madely has called and wants to speak to Pat. Tony cautions that maybe she should take a solicitor. Pat poo poos the idea. “At last, a chance to put things right for Helen.”

    At the Dower House, Lillian is fussing over the final details for Mrs. Justin’s arrival. She’s nervous about how Miranda will take it. Miranda sweeps in and is introduced to Lillian. She starts ordering Lillian about like a servant. “Where on earth did you dig that one up from – is that the best you can get round here? At least we won’t have the same trouble as last time.” So, Justin has had an affair… Miranda is generally pleased with the house, but hates Lillian’s display of Borchester Slipware. “I don’t do pots.” She then gives Lillian a list of tasks, bookings and outings for her and her pals. Lillian takes it pretty well.

    Pat comes out of her interview with the cops. She’s unsure as to how it went. “You think on balance what you said was a help to Helen?” questions Tony. She calls Anna. Anna drops the bombshell that she is now a prosecution witness and won’t be able to see Helen. Perhaps Anna could have warned her or perhaps Pat could have spoken to Anna before racing off to blab to the fuzz. “I feel such an idiot.” Pat is totally distraught and feels that she was tricked into talking. Kirsty arrives and tries to calm her down. Kindly, Kirsty stays for dinner.

    Anna has another meeting with a much calmer Helen – actually, not calmer – she just sounds beaten. Anna still doesn’t know how her client is going to plead to both charges, but Helen seems to be veering towards pleading guilty to the lesser charge of wounding with intent as it will get her back to Henry faster. After, Anna meets Tony and fills him in. “She doesn’t know how to think for herself,” posits Anna, worried about the effect on Helen of so long under the control of the Evil One.

    Johnny and Tom are planting cabbages. Johnny is trying to cheer up Tom with bad jokes. David arrives, the pigs have trampled down the dividing fences and they are all mixed up. They miss Jazzer. Saintly David stays to help with the pigs and the cabbages as Tom is close to the end of his tether. David also wants to donate silage AND promote Bridge Farm beef at Open Farm Sunday.

    Tony and Tom are finally with a fragile Helen. She’s confused about why Pat isn’t there and obviously Tony and Tom can’t tell her that her mum is now batting for the opposition. They both try to persuade her to plead not guilty to both charges. “Just tell the truth,” pleads Tom. The sends Helen back into a spiral. “There was so much blood…it was in the custard…only lazy people don’t make proper custard…” She’s still not built up a coherent picture of the Events at Blossom Hill at all.

    The next day is Helen’s bail hearing. The family are outside the court – very nervous. Anna is with Helen, who is sounding a little stronger. Helen is put in the dock. “She look so fragile,” worries Pat. The charges are read and Helen pleads not guilty to both. At the bail application, the fact that Helen had previously threatened Rob’s life is brought up. Anna does her best to fight back. The (female) judge refuses bail and the trial won’t happen until SEPTEMBER. There is uproar and shouts of “No! No!” from Pat. Helen with produce the spawn of the Dark Lord on remand. There is no course of appeal on a bail hearing. After, the family are very badly shaken. Pat collapses in hysterics and a doctor is called for Helen.

    The word speads round the village – Lynda and Eddie are sympathetic as Eddie is fixing the chimney. “It’s unthinkable.” The news even makes Lynda put her shepherd’s hut problems into perspective…but only for a minute as she continues to harangue Eddie for his shoddy workmanship. Eddie, even though he’s whipped, asks her for extra work – he is still determined to pay back the church for his brother’s thievery. Lynda comes up with some slabbing, pathways and a bench. “You won’t regret it – I’ll do a smashing job.”

    Lillian has run around like crazy, fulfilling Miranda’s many demands. “She can be a bit brusque,” concedes Justin. To make up for his awful wife, Justin takes her of a very posh lunch at La Femme du Monde. Lillian is thrilled. It’s a good lunch and they form a bond, slagging off Eddie Grundy and Miranda. Lillian goes fishing – “so, now the house is ready, Miranda will be spending more time here?” Apparently not…

    Kirsty visits Tom, working hard on the farm and still upset about the bail hearing. Tom has a wee breakdown and tells Kirsty how bad it all is. Kirsty is very sympathetic. She demands Tom takes a break and goes for a drink with her. Is there a chance of reconciliation? Even after Tom dumped Kirsty at the altar? Maybe some good can come out of this dark year for the Archers.

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    • 1. May 8 2016 6:41PM by Poppy

      it wasn't a bail app it was a PTPH hearing - with defence making a bail app during the hearing.

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