The Week In Ambridge

The Week In Ambridge

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I am a new listener to The Archers - my Mother started me at birth, so I have only been listening for 46 years.  Apologies if I get things wrong.


By Campbell Mitchell, Feb 19 2017 11:32AM

We kick off with Roy and Kirsty. Kirsty’s not well and doesn’t even fancy Roy’s roast chicken. She tries to head off back to bed, but is very dizzy and in some pain. Worrying. “There’s bleeding.” Roy drives her off to hospital.

Miranda is frustrated outside the shop (shut for a stocktake) and meets Jennifer. Jennifer asks her for dinner. Miranda says dinner parties are “very old hat” in her haughty fashion. But Jennfer bigs it up until Miranda agrees to come. Jennifer then head for Sunday lunch with Brian and Miranda turns up again to provide more snooty chat. Jennifer’s ideas for her party become larger as Miranda gets snobbier. Jennifer looks on line at caterers. Brian begins to count the pennies. “Is that the total cost?” “That’s per head.” He manages to talk her down to “small and beautiful.”

At the hospital, Helen and Roy wait anxiously whilst Kirsty waits for the doctor. The consultant turns up to examine Kirsty. The baby isn’t going to make it and she’s having a miscarriage. “Is this really happening to me?” Kirsty and Helen cry. Tom turns up deeply upset and Roy helps in his solid way. Tom and Kirsty have a very tender scene. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here” “We don’t work together, you and me,” says a very shaky Kirsty. Kirsty’s mum is coming to pick her up. “Why do things like that happen, Roy?” queries Helen. Kirsty doesn’t want to go, but is already sounding more like her usual pragmatic level-headed self, whilst Tom goes to pieces. Helen tries to comfort them both.

Clarrie and Eddie have had houseguests for the weekend. “You can’t beat a dollop of Grundy hospitality.” They are still feeling blessed about staying at Grange Farm. Eddie heads out to look at Lynda’s guttering. Their houseguests have left £100. Clarrie wants to return it. Eddie is more pragmatic. He immediately wants to open up a sort of B&B. “No,” says Clarrie, “And I’m not budging.”

Shula and Miranda are out riding. Miranda is literally on her high horse. Anisha is on hand to look at a small cut on Miranda’s horse. Anisha makes a bit of an indiscreet statement about Justin and Lillian, before Shula tells her that Miranda is Justin’s wife.

Alistair gets a call from one of his clients, Mr. Hodge, who doesn’t want Anisha to return to his farm because of her ‘manner’, Anisha thinks it might be due to her colour and broods on it all day. Alistair comforts her. Later, Alistair has flowers and chocolates for Shula and confides in her about Anisha’s upset.

Snooty Miranda is at the Tea Room or Bull (?) with Justin. “Why are we here, Justin, in Ambridge? It’s so barren.” Let us count the ways, Justin…

PC Carpet speaks to Lynda about the way forward for the cricket team. “Our community requires strong leadership.” She gives him a list of how to achieve things on a village-wide level.

Eddie returns a borrowed trailer to Deep Pip. He quizzes her about B&B prices and she mentions a friend in Borchester who rents a room using “you know, one of those websites.” Air BnB by any other name.

Mr. Hodge, the racist, calls the vets again and Alastair insists on sending Anisha again. “We might lose a client.” Alistair doesn’t care.

Joe and Eddie arrive to work on Lynda’s guttering. Eddie quizzes Lynda closely about the Ambridge Hall B&B business. After the questing, Eddie reckons “we’re sitting on a gold mine.” Joe isn’t convinced and Clarrie still needs convincing.

Dirty Clarrie and Pat are in the dairy. There’s a strawberry yoghurt crisis and Pat gets upset at Clarrie and Susan, on edge about the loss of Kirsty’s baby. After work, Clarrie is pounced on by Eddie who has been busy taking lovely pictures for his Air BnB venture. She finally agrees, as long and “Oliver and Caroline give their blessing”.

Kenton is out with Dim Freddie, driving lessons. Freddie gets out of the car. “I can’t do this right now.” He’s upset as there’s a parents’ evening coming up and Elizabeth will find out that he’s been fibbing about his maths result. Kenton, still only seventeen himself, comes up with a plan to keep his sister away from the maths tutor.

Eddie speaks to Oliver, although it sounds like he only asked permission for “people to stay” at Grange Farm. Clarrie (the one that will be actually doing all the cleaning and cooking) isn’t quite as excited about this new Grundy Enterprises business as Eddie is.

Miranda bumps into Lillian shopping in Borchester. Lillian raves about Underwood’s (the famed Borchester department store) Food Hall, but Miranda continues snooty.

Tom gets down with the pigs. “What are you doing here?” asks sensitive Jazzer. Tom messes with Jazzer’s system of feed bags, so Jazzer gets upset and storms off to the Bull.

Miranda snoots it up at the Bull and Jolene more than holds her own, defending their wine choices and their chef. At another table, Tom pours his guilty heart out to Jazzer. Tom feels that all the bad things that happened to Kirsty are because he ran away from the altar. Jazzer talks sense. “Stop wasting your time feeling guilty.” Lillian turns up, toting lingerie she bought at the fabled Underwood’s, ready for the next rut with Justin, who is there, lunching with Miranda. Jolene warns Lillian that Miranda may be hanging around Ambridge more. ‘We’ll just work round her,” says Lillian confidently.

Tom comes to Home Farm and wants to stay at home for a few days. ‘We’re all here and with your family behind you, there’s nothing you can’t cope with.” “Thanks, mum.”

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