• Eddie and Joe start the week – it’s somebody called Baggy’s birthday and Ed wants to throw a party for him in Joe’s room. They are still resident at Grey Gables. Ed needs Joe to create a distraction so he can smuggle the booze and food into the hotel. Joe reports some ‘dodgy characters trying to break into a car’ to Lynda, to keep her out of reception. Unfortunately, Ed is caught by Caroline, wheeling a luggage trolley full of booze, but he manages to talk his way past her.

    Jennifer and Brian are planning some beano barbeque for the end of the Young Farmer’s Treasure Hunt. Brian isn’t keen. Jennifer is still worried about Kate, especially after being snubbed by Phoebe for the Hunt. She wants Kate to form a team with her. Kate refuses.

    Lynda is still pining for Scruff with Caroline, not helped by the mis-fire at the Pet Rescue Centre last week. All are waiting for their buildings to dry out so they can move back in.

    Baggy’s party is in full swing in Joe’s room. It’s very rowdy and Caroline interrupts, very upset and throws everyone out.

    David, Ruth and Jill are planning their day when Ed turns up with news of Baggy’s party. Later, Jill takes a picnic tea to David and Ruth up hay-making in the fields. There’s pie, pickles, sandwiches and mustard. ‘This is just like the old days,” breathes David. Jill reminisces about hand-bailing in ye good olde days and David gets saucy reminding Ruth of some past hay-top assignations.

    PC Burns is with Christine, taking a report about the thefts from Woodbine Cottage (and other vacant properties). Christine is still in a bit of a state. Jill turns up for a balm-like tea. Christine won’t be calmed and is dreading the prospect of returning to Woodbine – burgalarized and without George. “This flood has been the final straw – I just feel so insecure.”

    After hay-making, David takes Ed for a pint in the Flood Bar at the Bull. No sign of Kenton. Ed seems to be going OK, work-wise. Ruth calls David – Ruth’s mum in Priddah has been taken to hospital. It sounds like she’s had a stroke. Ruth wants to head straight up to see her. David will do the milking and she’ll take the Open Farm promotional stuff with her. David wants her to stay the night – she’s been up since five.

    IN the morning, Ruth heads of to Granny Heather’s and Deep Pip has an exam and the second interview with the job tomorrow.

    Susan has a meeting with Charlie. He wants to rope her (along with everyone else, it sems) in to Berrow Farm’s Open Farm presentation. He uses the phrase “producer/retailer symbiosis”, so Susan is impressed. “It all sounds wonderful.”

    Toby the Fairbrother brother, meets Deep Pip and the sparks are still flying. She invites him to the quiz at the Bull. “I might have something on.” Shame. Later, Rex calls David and offers to help out with Open Farm Sunday with Toby. Nice boys, the Fairbrother brothers. Granny Heather is being released from hospital.

    At Quiz Night, Deep Pip has a bit of a prickly chat with Jolene and Kenton. Jolene has prepared the questions, the picture round is a bit blurry and Kenton immediately wants to buy a new printer. Jolene snaps back about entering a cycle of debt. Deep Pip is very pleased as both the Fairbrother brothers are there, unexpectedly. The Fairbrother’s have put an offer in on some local land. Jolene is worried about David’s reaction to the Bull doing the bar at Berrow Farm Open Farm Sunday. Kenton “couldn’t give a flying fig.” It is Radio 4. Deep Pip is all dressed up for the Webster’s International second interview. “Doesn’t she look grown up,” beams proud granny Jill. Jill also wants to help out on the preparations with Open Farm Sunday.

    Someone called Vince introduces himself to Eddie at breakfast at Grey Gables. Vince is impressed that Ed is living full time at a luxury hotel. Ed gives it large and Vince (an estate agent) sniffs some business work and gives him his card.

    Adam and David are discussing the Evil One joining the cricket team. David wants Adam to bring the big combine down for Open Farm, but Charlie has bagged that one for Berrow Farm, too. Pip calls after her “tough” interview. “Just a case of crossing my fingers and waiting.”

    Later, Vince plies Eddie with drink. Eddie continues to give it large about his many business interests and his glamorous past as a country and western singer. “Is that how you made your money, Ed?” After buying three rounds, Vince insists on Eddie buying a drink – instead, he smuggles some of the old Baggy party booze into the bar. “Let’s not drink from the cans – we’re not animals.”

    Webster’s call Pip back and she’s been offered the job! She starts in August – maybe in Brazil! “I’m really proud of you,” beams David. Later, David confesses to Jill that he will miss Pip when she goes.

    The next morning, Eddie is woken up, deeply hung-over, by an enraged Clarrie. He’s an hour late for work. When he gets back, Clarrie continues to tear strips off him. She thinks Eddie being ‘taking liberties’ with Caroline and Oliver’s good will. Lillian accosts Eddie in the Bistro – she’s met Vince. “Having a little flight of fantasy, were we?” Lillian is tickled.

    Peggy is visiting some old (very old) friends at Jack’s former Death Camp – the Laurels. She finds Christine there – thinking about moving in herself. Peggy tries to dissuade her. Christine still sounds very anxious about her return to Woodbine Cottage. She doesn’t want to live alone – she’s not been happy since George died. Peggy, of course, understands completely, but still tries to talk her out of it.

    Kate has muscled in on Toby for the Treasure Hunt, leaving Pip with Rex. Pip is disappointed. In the end, she quite enjoys herself and brags about her new job. Rex talks up his rugby injury. Maybe she’s leaning towards the other Fairbrother brother. Kate is flirting badly with Toby. “Yoga makes me very flexible.” They aren’t doing very well on the Treasure Hunt, so Kate suggests heading straight to Home Farm. After being the first ones back and availing themselves liberally at the free bar, Toby throws Kate into the pool and jumps in after her with his boxers on. They somehow dye the pool water purple. Rex is horrified by Toby’s boorish behaviour. Adam is pissed off, too. “Brian will be livid when he gets home.” Pip gets a call – Granny Heather has been re-admitted to hospital after a much bigger stroke. It doesn’t look like Ruth will make Open Farm Sunday.


The Week In Ambridge

The Week In Ambridge

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